Contract Research and Manufacturing Services

Ubichem has decades of expertise in professional contract research and manufacturing services. In addition to assets, Ubichem has audited and trusted CRO/CMO/CDMO partners with proven records of success. There are few limits to the equipment or chemical reaction and the range of services available. The diverse partnerships allow for extensive flexibility and the ability to operate under a wide range of reaction conditions and reactor configurations.

Ubichem will match your specification, marketing authorisation, and any particular manufacturing requirement, with capacity for CRAMS solutions from mg to tonnes. For example, within 10 days of establishing your requirements, Ubichem will complete internal research, which includes capability matching with international partners. Within 50 days, the Laboratory and Manufacturing planning is completed, with the material manufactured within 180 days. When time is critical, Ubichem has the ability to achieve tight deadlines.

At all stages Ubichem and its partners have a durable commitment to maintaining regulatory, environmental, health and safety compliance achieving industry best practice.

Process Research – Innovative synthetic route improvements

Discovery Chemistry – Route synthesis of novel chemical entities and intermediates for pharmaceutical research and development

Custom Synthesis – Medium to long term supply of smaller volume advanced intermediates

Contract Manufacturing – Scale up services and long term supply of large volume chemical intermediates


Our customers choose Ubichem Pharmaceutical CRAMS for:

IP compliance

Meeting approved global regulatory standards

Project management

Full technical support and expertise

Cost effectiveness

Personalised service

Proven performance

Confidential services

Please contact us for further information on how our CRAMS capabilities will support your business.